Twin Time: Six Months

SIx months ago today, Charlie and Mary Cate were born. This was not our first rodeo, since sweet Maggie G came crashing into our lives over three years ago. But twins. Man, twins a whole other ball game, bag of apples, insert cliche here.

Twins is so hard its literally absurd.

Twins is so amazing you still look at these babies sometimes and think, “Oh my goodness…we have two babies.” It’s still that miraculous.

Twins is so much more than matching (or coordinating) outfits.

Twins is a challenge not to view these two unique people as one unit because they were born two minutes apart.

Twins is a challenge not to leave the single one behind, not to let her be forgotten in the shuffle.

Twins is an invitation to grow in virtue, times two. I often joke that God “gave” us twins because I am twice as selfish as most people, and they are going to drag my sorry you-know-what to heaven.

Twins is Charles Joseph and Mary Catherine.

Charles Joseph

IMG_0755Charlie – 1 day old

IMG_1178My Charlie. My Charles J. 6 months old

My mighty little guy. He’s the one who was squished on the bottom (baby A) was born 1.5 pounds smaller than his sister. Charlie was so strong as a newborn that he was holding his head up by two weeks old, pushing off on my chest. He’s grown so much, and although he’s still a little guy, he’s so big to me. Charlie is all heart. When he’s happy, he’s over the moon. When he’s not happy, everyone knows it.

Charlie loves his toy piano, laughs like crazy when you take his clothes off, and saves all of his best smiles for Mom.

Mary Catherine Theresa

-1Mary Cate – 5 days old

IMG_1143Mary Cate – 6 months old

Oh my Mary Cate. My MC. She was a colicky, very sensitive newborn. So many hours with her in the ergo, snuggled close to my heart. She spent the first three months of her life doing a tremendous amount of complaining. My little “moaning myrtle”. Then, when she turned 3 months old. Oh then. March brought an end to the moaning myrtle, and the emergence of a smiley, happy, mellow baby. Like night and day.

Mary Cate likes stuffed animals (Kermit especially). Rolling is her preferred method of movement. She loves rattles, and smiling at her reflection. My ray of sunshine, she smiles every morning when I get her out of bed.

These babies have blessed us all so much, and I can’t wait to see what the next six months will hold. Also, I actually start to like parenting once the babies hit six months, so there’s that.

10365713_738414859198_7353554569818210307_nSo blessed.

Happy half-birthday Charlie and Mary Cate!


6 thoughts on “Twin Time: Six Months

  1. Congratulations on 6 months!!! Seriously, it really is so hard it’s absurd. Completely and utterly absurd. And I think it gets better after 6 months. And a little better after a year. And better after 18 months, too – now that mine are more verbal and understand (somewhat) the need to wait sometimes, and share sometimes, it’s getting more manageable. But sheesh. There’s a reason most people have them one at a time – just one baby seems like a break after twins!

  2. I remember looking at other moms holding their baby and being jealous. They only had 1 baby to comfort, while I had to juggle 2 babies or comfort 1 and shaft the other. My feelings (of jealousy? guilt? exhaustion?) have disappeared now that my twins are mobile. Now I just wish I could bi-locate as they run in opposite directions from me.

  3. What a beautiful posting!! And such great and accurate descriptions of my “Best first grandson” and of my “Best second granddaughter”. A double blessing. So difficult and so wonderful. It is getting easier. Thank you for writing.

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