7 Quick Takes Friday – A Pope, A Sale, and Books

Hello, hello friends. I haven’t gotten it together enough to do a QT in a while, so bully for me this week. What a week it’s been! We have a Pope, and I love him already.


Pope Francis! He’s a Jesuit from Argentina. Woah. Apparently he’s very humble, devout, and eschews pomp and circumstance as much as possible, preferring simplicity, much like his namesake, St. Francis Assisi.

My favorite meme:

What really won me over was hearing him described as “deeply humble, doctrinally orthodox, and a champion of social justice.” YES.
Also, I forsee a 500% increase of the use of the name Francis/Frances for Catholic babies born in the next year or so. I am so all over Mary Frances if I ever manage to get knocked up again.
This conclave was so emotional for me. Back in 2005, I was a junior in college and just starting to get back to my faith. I was all, “Oh, a new pope. Ok. Women priests. Whatever.”
So I didn’t watch the conclave, or the opening of the doors, etc. I don’t even know where my head was.
This time, though, I was glued to the news feed on EWTN, wating for the smoke to appear. And when it did, I cried like a baby.
Then I sat glued to the tv, waiting for those doors to open and Pope Francis to emerge. More tears. God is good to his Church.
Remember last week I talked about the Papal Lapbook on Shower of Roses blog?
We made it! We actually finished it all up on Wednesday morning, just in time for the white smoke and new pope.
View from the outside
View of the right flap, and middle of the extension page
View of the left flap and middle extension page (sorry its blurry — iPhone!)
Top of the extension page
Maggie’s big contribution: purple and green St. Peter’s!
Mini-book detailing the conclave and voting procedures.
It was quite a bit of work, but so worth it. We will use this lapbook for years to come to learn about the popes and how this whole thing works. I even learned a few new things while I was looking some things up for it.
Maggie loves “pope book” as she calls it.
On Wednesday evening I went out with a few friends to an upscale consignment sale. It was so fun, and we got some really great deals on wonderful baby/toddler things.
I got Maggie some great, gently used spring/summer clothes from brands likes Gymboree (my favorite!), Janie and Jack, Gap, Old Navy, Matilda Jane, and some brand new things from Target.
ALSO, I am so stinking excited. I found a Pottery Barn Kids quilt, pillow, and crib bumper set for less than the cost of a new quilt only! And it hardly looks used at all.
It’s great because we can use the quilt and pillow now for M’s toddler bed, and then if we ever have another girl, we can re-use the whole set for crib bedding since it has the bumper. It was a seriously great find. Also, the sheets we already have for M’s bed match the quilt because they’re pink too. Perfect!
I LOVE it. It’s actually the very pattern I was looking at when I went to PBK a few weeks ago, dreaming. Love pink and green together.
Our spring book basket!
I decided after reading about book baskets on the Shower of Roses, to try one here. Maggie has a seriously jacked up library for a 2 year old. We keep 90% of her books in her room, on shelves. We keep one big basket out in the play area portion of the living room. Usually it’s just a mish-mash of books, but I thought, why not try a theme basket?
So we decided on a spring/baby animal/garden theme. There are also a few Easter books (we need more!) in the basket too.
Books include:
Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors (library)
Doing the Garden (library)
Waiting for Wings
The Giant Treasury of Beatrix Potter
The Tale of Peter Rabbit
In the Garden board book
Spot’s First Picnic
Busy Bunnies board book
Here We Go ‘Round the Year: A Book About Months
Baby Farm Animals (Little Golden Book)
Richard Scarry’s The Bunny Book (Little Golden Book)
The Story of Easter – Patricia Pingry
My First Catechism: The Catholic Faith for Little Ones
All Creatures Great and Small (this book is the traditional song with amazing illustrations of all the animals and plants. So beautiful)
I’m hoping to add some more Easter books to the basket. Any suggestions?
That’s all!
Happy weekend and WooHooo new pope!

9 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday – A Pope, A Sale, and Books

  1. What a great gift Pope Francis is to all of us. Did you hear his homily yesterday…BEAUTIFUL!! I love him too. I like that book basket idea, I will try it. My kid´s books are stuck in the closet, I should put them in a basket like that in the area where they play…GREAT IDEA!! Thanks.

  2. I am so smitten with this new Pope. I love his name, too. Before Gregory died, Craig and I had tossed around the name Francis/Frances for a kid. If it was a boy, he’d want to call him “Frank” though and I was like…”Dude…if we name a kid Francis or Frances, I am totally calling him/her by that name.” But anyway…

  3. BTW — that is my favorite meme, too. I love it.

    And…one more thought…I think I am really glad we used Gregory and not Francis. As I was sitting there watching and waiting for the new Pope to come out and greet and for us to learn the name he chose, my mind went to…”Oh Lord, I really hope it’s not Gregory because I think I will lose it if it is.” And thankfully, the Pope chose the name Francis. 🙂

  4. The pope book is so cool! You made that?!? And I had a similar experience with #5 – I was a new convert when Pope Benedict was elected, so you’d think I would have been obsessed with the conclave, etc. Instead, I don’t even think I knew it was happening! I don’t know how I missed that memo. This year, I was on smoke watch constantly, and I had my share of tears too. I don’t know what it was exactly – something about a spiritual father and worldwide unity and seeing/feeling the joy of Catholics near me and around the globe. Powerful.

  5. I totally agree with you on number 6…especially more Catholic babies being named Francis…I already joked about it with my husband! What a beautiful lapbook, too cool!

  6. I hope that people of all faiths find inspiration to give a greater focus to social justice. I hope that Pope Francis afflicts all of the comfortable to do that. I am not Catholic but the Pope can motivate beyond the congregations of his own faith. We need more dialogue on that. I’m glad the new Pope is a source of happiness for you. You deserve that.

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