Day 7: Our Tradition


Out for a date on my birthday (though not on a Wednesday)

We have a tradition, my Atticus and I. It started last fall, I think, though I can’t remember exactly when.

Every Wednesday night is date night. It started because Wednesday was the night when my Mother in Law spends the night and offers her babysitting services. We usually go out, sometimes for dinner, sometimes just out.

Away. Together.

It’s amazing.

Sometimes we’ll go to daily Mass or adoration combined with dinner.

Occasionally a movie, though they are expensive, and since there’s no more Harry Potter, rarely worth the money.

It doesn’t matter where we go. Or what we do.

On nights when my MIL hasn’t been able to come, we still have a date. Pizza and a movie after Maggie goes to bed. Sweats and a bottle of wine on the couch. Scrabble and ice cream. You name it.

I’m grateful to my husband for knowing how important this is for our marriage, this time away. I’m grateful to have a husband who still wants to take me on dates. I’m so grateful to my mother in law for selflessly giving her time to us so that we can be together.

I’m very grateful when Wednesday rolls around.

What are you grateful for today?


4 thoughts on “Day 7: Our Tradition

  1. Sounds wonderful! Today I’m grateful that I also have a husband who still wants to take me on dates, and on Wednesdays a few hours to myself as both kids go to school.

  2. My husband definitely need to do this. I’m not comfortable really yet to leave Henry with somebody else in the evening yet though…and he doesn’t sleep consistently in the evening yet either. We’ll definitely have to find a way to make a regular date time happen though!

  3. I am thankful to be the MIL who gets to spend the time with Maggie. I am thankful to be able to be a part of your family. I sleep well after time being a grandma. Maybe is is good for my hormones.

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