7 Quick Takes Friday!


So, we’re going to Notre Dame this weekend. And so is ESPN College Gameday. No big deal.

Oh yeah, and the Irish are currently ranked 7th and are 5-0.

Oh yeah, and we’re taking Maggie to campus for the first time.



So, the debate.

Did you make popcorn to watch that three ring circus? I did.


I just started watching the show Terra Nova on Netflix. Oh my goodness, it’s so interesting. Have you seen it?

This family living a futuristic society dared to have a third child and then the father got thrown in jail when the police found out. Two years later they sneak into this time warp place called “terra nova” where they live with dinosaurs. It sounds crazy, but it has a really pro-life theme. The family is talking about how happy they are they had a third child, even though it cost them a lot. Fascinating stuff.


Yesterday was picture day at pre school. Here’s one I snapped of her in her photo outfit on the front stoop.

We’re going through a stage now where she doesn’t like to look at the camera much. Too busy.

Sigh…she is not a baby anymore.


On Monday we went to the pumpkin patch and picked a lot of pumpkins. Some little girl liked to sit on the pumpkins, even the little ones.


The Year of Faith started yesterday, didja know?

Any plans to make the most of it?


Food. Oh my goodness, food.

Trader Joe’s organic red grapes are the best grapes I’ve ever had. Then I made butternut squash mac’n’cheese this week and it was really good.

I love fall food.  Next week, crock pot chilli.

What’s your favorite fall food?

Happy weekend and Go Irish! Go see Jen for more quick takes!


11 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday!

  1. GO IRISH! Nick will be there, but I will not this time. I didn’t want to go with him and a bunch of his college roommates (and be the only female). Plus I’m going to Ball State’s Homecoming. The Michigan game was Eliana’s first time to campus/tailgating. Next year she’ll probably enjoy it a little more. 🙂 Have fun! Is Maggie going to the game, too?

    Can I get your butternut squash mac n cheese recipe?

    Happy Friday!

  2. I love chili. And I love your toddler. She is adorable. And you really aren’t that far away from me so we will meet someday.
    My favorite fall food is pumpkin bread. I could eat that stuff all day every day. Too bad it’s like 6 points per serving 😉

  3. Seriously, if we were neighbors, I’d be the pesky one stopping in and inviting myself to those amazing fall dinners you’re making. Maggie is darling! She looks like she stepped straight out of a story book!

  4. GO IRISH! Have fun on campus this weekend! My husband, our daughters, and I are heading up soon to visit his parents and take the girls on campus! I miss my Indiana home in the fall!

  5. Great pictures. Thank you for sharing. We can be thankful for the fall beauty. You wrote a posting last fall, or the fall before, based on the inspiration that you had on your ride up to South Bend for a football game.

  6. Love the pictures of Maggie!

    My favorite fall food I made this week was crockpot apples/applesauce. I threw cut up apples, water, a cinnamon stick, and some ground cinnamon and nutmeg in the slow cooker for a couple of hours, and it turned out so delicious! Chili in the crockpot is one of our favorite things too!

  7. Your little girl is adorable!

    Debate = circus = yes. It was about a ten minute circus for me and then I turned it off, but the commentary on Facebook was just as entertaining.

    We had acorn squash last week and it was so delicious! Just bought a butternut yesterday.

    Happy Year of Faith!!

  8. Terra Nova is great. I’m a huge fan of monogamy on TV (and in reality too, but sometimes it feels harder to come by on TV).

  9. Jealous of you attending the game this weekend! We haven’t had a chance to go for two years and it looks like we won’t get tickets this time. GOOOOOOOO IRISH!

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