Behold 2012

When we got there, I lost my voice.

I wish I was kidding, but I’m not.

On the day I got to go to the “Catholic Oscars” and meet Jen, Hallie, Danielle, Kate, Elizabeth and a whole lot of other wonderful people, I arrived with a raspy voice sounding like Myrtle from Boca who’s been mainlining nicotine for the last 30 years.

Yep, that’s me.

At least I didn’t have toilet paper stuck to my shoe or lipstick on my teeth.

I don’t think.

Anyway, it was so wonderful and so worth the trip!

Jenny and I had a great time gabbing and eating pizza (no fried fish!) on the way there.

Then I got to meet Marie who I didn’t know at all and she was so welcoming, kind, and wonderful. Her daughter is the sweetest little thing ever.

On Saturday I got to meet Irene, and Dacia, and Leanne, and Holly.

Oh my goodness. So many wonderful, talented, beautiful Catholic women.

Marie Miller played wonderful music for us. I wanted to buy her CD, but it was sold out! I’ve been told you can get her music on iTunes, and I’ll tell you all to check her out.

Hallie was cute, stylish, and very welcoming. She signed my book, gave me chocolate and a big hug. I wish I could have chatted with her longer!

Me and Hallie

Then she introduced to me to Jen. Jen is tall. She’s a tall, beautiful woman. When she met me she said, “Oh yeah. I know who you are. I read your blog.” I nearly fainted. Seriously, I need to get a grip.

Tall and Beautiful, meet Awkward Myrtle from Boca

I also met Kate and she was really pretty, and even more kind. She also signed my book. She gave an excellent talk during the conference. I cannot believe I just discovered her blog a few weeks ago. I feel like I’ve known her forever!

There was a beautiful Mass, a delicious lunch, and a chocolate break.

These are my kind of people.

I’m ready for Behold 2013!


14 thoughts on “Behold 2012

  1. I hate that we didn’t get to spend more time together! It was such a treat to finally get to meet in person!

    And may I just say…you have written quite poignantly in the past about physical beauty but, girl, you are stunning! Not only are you an undeniably beautiful woman, but you just have this joy about you that is positively contagious. Your adorable smile could light up a room!


  2. Oh! My! Goodness! This post just makes me bubble over with joy. I’m sad that I wasn’t able to go, but honestly that feeling is mostly eclipsed by the absolute delight I have in my heart as I read about the day and look at your pictures. I agree with Hallie, you are indeed a beautiful woman, and I wish I could experience your beauty in person! Some day!

    I’m so sorry about your voice. That happens to me at the most inconvenient times, too!

  3. Hey Sarah – I echo the other comments – you are so beautiful inside and OUT! Oh my goodness, can you come visit me sometime in the Twin Cities and help me put together an outfit that awesome? (Even if I did mistake the sweater for black…ugh…my bad!) 😦 More proof that I NEED help! I feel as if we were kindred spirits in losing our voices…however, I think mine has turned into full blown bronchitis…I am going to the doctor later today, ugh. I can’t wait to catch up on your blog. God Bless!

  4. Not only does Jen read your blog, but she COMMENTS on it too :)! So awesome!

    I can’t believe you didn’t “know” Marie – so glad you got to meet here and you will love her blog.

    Are there dates for Behold 2013 already? If so, please share – because I am going to spend the next year kicking myself for not going this year! (Even if it was because I was at a work conference!)

  5. I have to go to Behold 2013 just so I can get a few photos. Seriously, I’m so bummed we didn’t snag a snapshot or more time to talk with you as well as many others. As I’ve said elsewhere, it was kind of a beautiful blur.

    You are a lovely lady (and I already gushed about your dress – fantastic!). Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I wish you lived down the street and we could share more than impersonal exchanges in a combox.

    God bless you.

  6. Hi Sarah, I found your blog through Kate Wicker’s link. I am so glad you all had a great time!! And I’m thinking that Behold 2013 should be held on the East Coast so I can go and meet you all 🙂

  7. Sarah, I’m bummed we didn’t meet. Everything was so crazy but I wish I could have done a roll call from the podium of all the people I wanted to meet.

  8. It was so very nice to meet you and chat while we waited in line for lunch. Hope we get the opportunity again soon. Such a great conference.

  9. It was so nice to meet you Sarah! You looked beautiful (I LOVED your dress) and are so sweet. I had such an amazing time too and can’t wait till next year!

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