7 Quick Takes Friday — Road Trip



It’s road trip time! This weekend is the Behold Conference!

I’m so stinkin’ excited. I spent about one hour trying on outfits this week.

I have three possibilities.

I know, I’m absurd.

But, but, but…

I might change my mind. Or the weather might change from the forecast.

It’s not like we’re flying. Don’t judge!


Did I mention I’m road tripping with Jenny?

She is a great blogger who I met via Rebecca.

She lives in my area and now she’s part of the Catholic women’s book club I belong to!

Can’t wait to get to know her even more during our 3+ hours each way in the car.

I am going to make a CD to take in the car. Suggestions for road trip music?


Jen, the lovely hostess of Quick Takes is going to be there.

So is Hallie, whose book just arrived today in the mail!

Style, Sex, and Substance: 10 Catholic Women Consider the Things that Really Matter

It’s sold out on Amazon, but you can order it directly from Our Sunday Visitor, the publisher.

Book club, I’m looking at you! Let’s read it.


Also, a new blogger I recently discovered is going to be there, and be giving one of the main talks.

Kate Wicker, who writes about body image and food issues, and who I am so eager to meet IRL. She’s so sweet and encouraging.

Her book, Weightless, is pretty close to the top of my reading list.

Weightless: Making Peace With Your Body


I love my Maggie, I really do. But oh how I crave a day away. I’m so looking forward to this opportunity to refresh, recharge, and renew.

There’s going to be adoration, confession, and great speakers.

Not to mention all the wonderful ladies mentioned above.


I realized tomorrow is Friday and we’re going to be on the road over the dinner hour. Which means we’re going to have to stop. And we can’t eat meat.

I really, really hate the fish sandwiches. Gross.

So, I’m hoping we can find somewhere to stop that has some meatless option other than ice cream or fried fish.

#first world problems


I have a prayer request.

Two of the fellow bloggers at IGNITUM TODAY, Christina and Andrew, are newlyweds. They’re also expecting their first child, Maria Isabella, and they found out during an ultrasound that Maria has spina bifida.

Next week, doctors will operate on Maria Isabella in the womb. Please pray for all three of them, and for the doctors who will be operating on this beautiful little child. They are a strong couple with deep faith, and they are truly being put to the test.

Thanks friends, and have a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday — Road Trip

  1. Maybe we will have a chance to meet up at Behold! I’m so excited!

    I just asked Hallie on Twitter if there would be any copies of her book at Behold and she said yes! I totally lost my chance to get it on Amazon before it sold out! I went back on Amazon last night and there are more available, but I figured I could get it faster from Hallie herself!

    I second Taco Bell for meatless options. But if you come across a Moe’s or a Qdoba there are some meatless options there, too! Good luck and safe travels!

  2. Stop for Italian somewhere and have pasta w/ pesto or pasta primavera!

    Thanks for letting us know about Christina’s surgery. I’ve been thinking about their little girl alot after reading their post on Ignitum. They’re in my prayers!

  3. Have a wonderful time at the Behold conference!! I really wish I could have gone, but it’s a 12-hour drive from here. I’m hoping I can go some year. I’m sure it will be a fantastic day!
    Thank you for the reminder to pray for baby Maria Isabella!

  4. Just so ya know… I’m very jealous. Kate Wicker was the reason I got into blogging. Plus I want to meet you sometime! I’ve been following the conference via Twitter and it sounds like it was amazing. Totally makes me want to be a Danielle Bean someday!

  5. You’re outfit was completely perfect. Really and truly lovely. One of those outfits I’d find myself sinfully pining over during Mass.

    I wish we’d had more time to chat. Thank goodness for blogs and email. It was great meeting you, and I hope the weekend was as renewing for you as it was for me.

    God bless!

  6. I, too, often have a hard time deciding what clothes I will want to wear. So I over pack by loading too many clothes into a bag, a laundry basket (something I learned from my daughters) and clothes on hangers in backseat and trunk. Then I decide when I get there. My hubby is baffled by this.
    It is good for mothers to have time away from their children. Glad you had that opportunity.

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