Advent, Ignitum, and More

Folks, after some kind of hullaballu, was forced to change its name and website. Our new home is Ignitum Today. We’re changing things up over there, and yours truly will only be posting once a month there. This will give me more time for this poor, neglected blog. Yay!

I’m very excited for the new direction the site is going in. Please stay tuned for my next post!

Has anyone else noticed just how stinking hard it is to keep focus on Advent and Christ in the midst of physical preparation for Christmas. We wives and mothers have to work long and hard to make sure everyone has a relaxing holiday.

Well, since we’re hosting the family for Christmas, and then three days later is Maggie’s birthday, then one week later is our anniversary, I’ve decided to take a blogging break for the remainder of Advent in order to get everything done.

I’ll still be on Facebook, and I’ll probably be commenting on some of your blogs, but won’t be posting until the end of Advent.

I pray you all have a blessed and happy Advent and Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Advent, Ignitum, and More

  1. I hope you have a blessed Advent! You are right, it is very hard to keep focused on this liturgical season while preparing for Christmas. I hope that your blogging break is very fruitful. Gorgeous photo of Maggie!

  2. I agree. We can become too busy at a time when Advent should be a “thin space” to experience God’s presence.

    Perhaps one idea would be to start a Christian movement to do none of the shopping, Santa stuff, parties and gift giving during December. Save that part to do in January. We could truly enjoy Advent and savor it for what it should be. But that would be hard for children.
    Maybe January and the first half of February. need to be the months to intentionally experience God’s presence. Perhaps that could be our focus when we are cooped up inside on some of those days with winter storms. It would probably be easier to add that to our lives than to really change anything about the current combination of Advent and Santa Claus.

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