7 Quick Takes — My Favorite Things

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 127)

Today’s quick takes are devoted to some of my favorite things. Jen’s blog would certainly count as one of them, so go check it out for more quick takes!


Dove Promises and Almonds



Nail Polish, particularly in the following shades, which are “my” colors. Back when I was a single-gal, I got a lot of manis and pedis, and I always picked these colors. Now I own them, and bought all three for the price of one manicure!

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark

OPI I’m Not Really A Waitress

Essie Mademoiselle


Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong’s “Ella and Louis for Lovers”

Their voices are the perfect blend and balance to each other. This is one of the most romantic albums I’ve heard. It’s perfect for a date night, for sitting on the porch on a summer evening in the candle-light, or for listening to while drinking a chai on a rainy fall day. Quintessential “mood music”. Don’t believe me? Check it out.




I wear a t-shirt of some kind nearly every day. My favorite ones are from

LOFT and Banana Republic

I wait until I get coupons in the mail, and then I stock up. The tissue-weight t-shirts from J.Crew are also awesome. I get those at the outlets.


Breakfast for Dinner

Seriously. It’s awesome. Lazy woman’s perfect dinner to fix. Scramble up some eggs, throw in some veggies and cheese, or meat, or whatever. If you’re feeling fancy, make some french toast or pancakes. The sky is the limit with “Brinner” as we call it here.


My Red Coat

No need to adjust your screens; no, that is not me. But my red coat, which I adore and wear all winter long, is quite similar to this one. I wore it all last winter, when I was hugely pregnant, just buttoning the top two buttons and letting the belly stick out. I just love that coat. It’s hard to not feel glamorous in a red wool coat.


Good Champagne

Life’s too short to drink crappy champagne. I mean, if champ-in-a-can all that’s available, I’ll take it.


But I’d prefer:

Something that comes in a bottle. Preferably not from the grocery store.

Someday, Atticus and I will share a bottle of Dom Perignon. Since it costs around $100 a bottle, we joked that we could drink a bottle on our ten year anniversary; $10 for each year of marriage! If not then, then someday. We will drink it in the champagne flutes we had engraved for our wedding toast. I will wear my diamond earrings and red lipstick. It will all be very romantic.

Like wearing a red wool coat, it’s hard to not feel glamorous when you’re drinking champagne, even out of a can. I used to feel embarrassed to order champagne when I’d be out, but no more. If it’s on the menu (by the glass) and priced similarly to wine, I’m getting it. Life’s too short to drink pinot grigio when you’d rather drink the bubbly.

There’s no “raindrops on roses” or “whiskers on kittens” but these are a few of my favorite things. What are yours?


10 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes — My Favorite Things

  1. Oh, that’s a good question. I might have to take some time to think about it. I think scrapbooking might be on the list, though. 🙂

  2. Funny you should write about nail polish today…..I love painting my nails when I get around to it, but up until yesterday, they hadn’t been painted since last fall! I love the colors you listed…I painted mine a deep purple with some glitter!

    My computer is one of my favorite things! Sounds crazy, but I built it myself, so I have a lot of appreciation for how it works, plus it’s my lifeline to a lot of the rest of the world (I have no internet on my phone yet, I’m holding out).

    I also love a good red wine, any good cheese, and watching a great movie. My current movies are Marley and Me, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Walk to Remember, and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

    I’ve never had a wool coat, much less a red one (or red anything), so I may have to be bold this winter and try it 🙂

  3. What a fun idea:
    7. Dunkin Donuts Chai, a Sunday morning tradition shared with my husband
    6.Peter, Paul & Mary: Around the campfire; fun, familiar songs ~ amazing harmonies
    5. Coffee Milkshakes
    4. Watching the ocean
    3. Tulips in spring, Daisies in summer, Maple leaves in autumn, and snow in the pines in winter
    2. My husbands voice
    1. Sleeping Children

  4. a frothy cappuccino … certamente!

    rainy afternoons

    crusty bread and tomatoes

    (and i agree about the almonds … they are the perfect snack! l like to eat them as i munch on a pear)

  5. BUBBLY! I love champagne, too. I have actually never had it out of a can…is it shameful that now I want some?
    I’m also a huge fan of chocolates and almonds. Really, I love either in pretty much any form, but together — woooo!!!
    Gorgeous coat! I love your sense of style. Why wear boring when you could rock a red wool coat and purple glasses?
    As for some of my favorite things — besides what I’ve already mentioned here, I’d add walks in the park, frozen coffee drinks, hot pepper cheese, garlic…um, I’d better think of some non-food ones…a roaring creek, cardinals, bluejays, red-winged blackbirds, bike rides, the smell after a summer rain, shiny silver eyeshadow, and dangly earrings.

  6. “I’m Not Really a Waitress’ is my FAVORITE toenail color for any time of year :).

    And breakfast for dinner – yum! In fact, so yum that I read this much earlier today while at work and that is what we ended up having for dinner.

  7. Hi!

    Just stopping over from Calah’s blog…and loved reading your 7 Quick Takes! You have such a fun blog!

    I have to mention to you that Ella Fitzgerald is one of my absolute favorites. I went through a HUGE jazz phase in college, listening only to Ella, Billie Holiday, Sara Vaughn, Etta James, Nina Simone, etc. Beautiful, beautiful music…

    I also LOVE the fingernail polish colors. I needed a few good ideas for colors…now I might have to go find my own ;^)

    Have a great day!

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