7 Quick Takes

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 114)


Maggie is one month old. I’m both shocked at how fast its gone, and also feel like each day lasts a week. In the interest of being brutally honest, some of my new motherhood takes are…just that, brutally honest.

** 1**

Maggie had her frenectomy yesterday. The doctor clipped it; it took about a minute and she went right back to sleep afterward. She was a trooper. I haven’t noticed a difference yet, but it takes about a week. I’m hoping to gradually wean her from the nipple shield.

We’ve gotten into a good feeding routine. She gets breastfed during the day, and she gets bottles at night. The main reasons for this are

** 2 **

sleep and sanity: you see, I had this theory before I had her that I turn into an ugly, nasty person when I don’t get sleep. I was right. When we had to supplement because she was dehydrating the first week, I realized that someone else could feed her, and I could sleep more than an hour or two at a time. Lo and behold, I became (a) functional and (b) a whole lot more pleasant to be around. And you know the saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

Even now I’m getting the bare minimum of what I need to get by (5-6 hours), and I still feel tired most of the time. I’m convinced that sleep is all that’s stood between me and insanity. Literally.

** 3 **

Cloth diapering is going well. We switched about a week ago because she was having some pretty bad diaper rash. We also switched to using baby washcloths as wipes. I think her skin is too sensitive for the disposable wipes.

Since we switched the diaper rash has cleared up. We’re using the FuzziBunz one size pocket diapers; they’re really great so far. She’s still small (8 pounds), so we’ve had a few leaks, but nothing bad (yet). If you’re going to use cloth I’d suggest getting 18 to start with, at minimum. We have that many and still wash every day and a half.

Also, the diaper sprayer is so needed. She still is pooping once a day, which is down from every.single.diaper. It’s a lot of crap (literally) to be dealing with without a sprayer.

** 4 **

I have learned an important lesson: newborn + freezing temperatures + snow every other day + haven’t left the house in five days + newborn + haven’t taken a walk in five days + no sunshine = Sarah loses her mind.

I was able to go to the Y and walk on the treadmill this week, so that really did help, as opposed to last week when I really did not leave the house for five days and felt like I was going insane.

I’m going to do everything in my power (which basically includes avoiding in April, May, June) to never have a newborn in the winter. ever. again. Unless, of course, we move to the Caribbean. In which case we can have a baby any time.

** 5 **

I may not love every part of the “mom” job description, but I really, really love my Maggie.

Can you blame me?


** 6 **

** 7 **

I just love this face.


Have a great weekend!


10 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes

  1. Sarah, I’m so pleased and excited for you. Maggie is just so cuddly and beautiful.

    And I’m with you on the sleep. Good for you getting what you need to barely get by. I hope it gets to be more someday, but additionally, I’ll pray that you are able to continue to get by with what you get. I have learned that there was a reason my mom was always tired when I was growing up…I am now always tired, too. 🙂

    Congrats on getting out of the house!

  2. So glad things are settling into a good routine. I’m the same way about sunlight and even if it is just standing outside for a couple of minutes while the littles nap, I need me some sunlight.

    Happy One Month Maggie!

  3. Yay honesty!

    1. That’s great! I do hope it helps out a lot.

    3. Random FuzziBunz question – do you have to take the inserts out before washing them? Or can you just throw them in the wash as-is and they’ll come out on their own?

    4. You sound like my husband! He has vowed we will never have a winter baby again 🙂 I tend to agree, though! Also, even though he doesn’t like it, I have been putting Miriam in the Moby Wrap, bundling a couple layers over that, and taking the dog for a very short walk at noontime. Just that little bit of getting out of the house (even just to walk around the block for 5 minutes) has been nice. I wish you lived close by and we could go walk the mall together or something!

    5-7. Cute!

  4. Urgh, I hear ya on the sleep thing! And the going-stir-crazy-in-the-winter thing for that matter…. My youngest will be two in <2 weeks and, even though both of those issues have gotten better, it's still not perfect! Maybe when they're 18??? 😉 I figure God made babies so cute so we wouldn't be [as] tempted to put them out on the stoop in our sleepless state!

  5. Maggie’s sooo pretty! And I’m glad you were able to get out a little-stir crazy+sleep deprived=no good 🙂

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