7 Quick Takes — Post Partum Edition

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 112)


*** 1 ***

Maggie is two weeks and three days old! So much has happened since December 28; it feels like it was five months ago.

She had a weight check on Monday, and she was back to her birth weight (plus 1 oz.) so I am feeling less apprehensive about her getting enough to eat. Her little cheeks are starting to fill out and get so cute!

*** 2 ***

Today I went to a local La Leche League meeting. It was really good. I wasn’t sure what to expect; maybe some breast-feeding zealots who would smell the formula on my baby and expel me from their midst? Not so much.

One of the leaders of the group sat with me and observed Maggie’s latch and looked at her tongue. She recognized the tongue-tie and she said the latch is very tight.

Our pediatrician told me to attend one of these meetings, and if the LC’s still thought her latch was poor, she would give us a referral for a frenectomy (when they clip the frenulum). I’m feeling like this might be the best choice at this point. Another mom at the meeting, whose daughter is 8 weeks, had tongue-tie, and she had her daughter’s frenulum clipped at 4 weeks and she said breastfeeding got a lot easier after that, and she didn’t have to use nipple shields anymore. This gives me hope!

Also, they suggested “laid-back” nursing. It’s basically nursing in a reclining position with the baby on your chest. I tried it this afternoon, and it is so much more comfortable for me than the football hold. She seemed to be able to latch alright (or at least as good as before) while reclining.

Nursing is still hard, but its getting a little better.


*** 3 ***

In addition to the breastfeeding help (which was really appreciated), it was so nice to be around so many women with babies! Also, many of these women are into things like baby-wearing and cloth diapers.

So even though I’m not exclusively breastfeeding, I’m loving wearing Maggie in the moby wrap! She seems really content in it most of the time, and it lets me be more active in the house (or at least not confined to the recliner!).

We haven’t switched to the cloth diapers yet because she is still only about 7.5 pounds, and we have the one-size diapers. They say you can put a baby that small in them, but I’m somewhat wary of leaks. I think we’ll wait a bit longer to switch.

*** 4 ***

I’m pretty happy with the fact that I’m only 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight, and I seem to have managed to only get one stretch mark!

Now I just have to not gain any weight, even though its January, too cold to walk outside, and there is chocolate in my house. Now that’s a challenge!


*** 5 ***

Maggie hates being bathed. She hates it. We have her a sponge bath when she came home, and she screamed the whole time.

Then her stump fell off on Monday, and we gave her a regular bath that afternoon. She screamed the whole time. I tried singing, caressing, everything. I made the water warm, but not too hot.

I’m wondering if you ladies have any suggestions for making bath time more pleasant for her? We’re only bathing her about twice a week right now, but eventually it’ll have to be more, and I want it to be a good experience.


*** 6 ***

I have the most amazing husband ever. He really, really is.

Also, his mother has been spending a lot of time with us lately, because Atticus has gone back to work, but I am not quite ready yet to fly solo with Maggie. Mama Atticus is also a pretty amazing person.

I can’t believe there are people who have to be single parents, when I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water and I have two people helping me most of the time!


*** 7 ***

And of course:






11 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes — Post Partum Edition

  1. I;m so happy that breastfeeding is getting better for you. Hang in there!!!

    Also, Dominic (my 4th) hated his bath, too! Until about 6 weeks. Then all of a sudden he loved them. I also made the water a little warmer for him…he likes a good warm (not quite) hot bath. Still and he’s 2. But I hope you find something that works for Maggie!!

    Congrats again, and I’m so happy that you and your husband are making it through this transition so well together. I think I really learned what an awesome man I married when I had his children. 🙂

  2. no tips for baths, other than keep giving them, lol. one day virginia just decided she liked them. now she cries when i take her out 🙂

    i’m still 7 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. i feel like a slug, since all i do is eat, and sit around nursing. can’t wait for the snow to melt!!

  3. I might get hate mail for this but with both of my girls *I* bathe with them and they are hot baths–they were cold when the little duckie didn’t say hot. You will have to use your discetion as to how warm is comfy but it will be hard to get too hot if you are in also.

  4. You are one dedicated Mama for sticking with breastfeeding. Of all the stories I’ve heard of tongue-tied babies getting their frenulum clipped, they all had positive outcomes. I think I’d go for it if I were you, though I can totally understand being very nervous and worried about having a medical procedure done on a baby so tiny.

    You are right about the diapers-if they are too big, they’ll leak out the legs. I got some newborn sized covers for Henry so I could start cloth sooner-at 1 week. I waited until 3 weeks with Maria because I was nervous about starting cloth and the covers were too big. We had a lot of leaks until her thighs plumped up. With properly fitting diapers, Henry has only leaked twice with cloth, but it seems like EVERY time I put a disposable on him with the mistaken idea that it is going to make traveling easier, it leaks within an hour.

    Good luck with your weight. I’m incredibly frustrated now because I am 12 pounds or so overweight and it is so hard for me to get any excercise, it being midwinter and having two small kids.

    Bath time? Maria hated baths too, despite me trying everything you mentioned, until she graduated to taking showers with Daddy or I around 4 months. I guess she just hated her baby bath tub. I don’t know if you take baths yourself, but have you tried bathing with her? It might not be practical for every day but perhaps it might make her more comfortable with bathing. Henry has love baths since his very first one-though he sure hated the one sponge bath I gave him! And I’ll just throw this out there- Dr Mattingly (our family doc) said bathing just once a week for Henry is fine, twice for Maria. I still do Henry twice some weeks because his bottom skin gets stained yellow, and I think that’s gross.

    Maggie is just precious!

    (Sorry for the super-long comment!)

  5. Joe has loved his baths from day one, but I think that’s because I make the water somewhat hot. I got one of those rubber duckies that tell you when the water is too hot, but they don’t work for us, because when they say “hot” I still think the water is pretty cold. My theory is, if it’s too hot, the baby will let you know.. just use common sense. The only downside is that his skin dries out quicker, but Aquaphor takes care of that!

    Glad to hear breastfeeding is going better! You’re awesome for sticking with it!

    She is so beautiful, Sarah! Can’t wait to hear more of your mommy adventures!

  6. Hi Sarah! My son is 10 months old now. We also had a really rough start with breastfeeding including him loosing 1 lb in the first few days because of not latching properly. It was terrible, but we pumped and cup fed him till he got it at about 2 weeks old. I was sore and had horrible cracks for the first 3 months, but it was all worth it. Now breastfeeding is wonderful and I hope to do it well into his 1 yr if he wants to. Just hang in there and think of our Blessed Mother nourishing baby Jesus. Keep going to the support meetings also!

    My son hated being bathed also, so I showered with him. I sat on the floor of the shower and held him skin to skin. He laid on my chest while I washed him. If he did get upset I nursed him. It made it a very enjoyable time and he loved it because he was nice and warm right against me. I did this until about 3 months when he graduated to his tub. Then he loved it!

    Hope this helps. God bless you and your beautiful family!

  7. So glad that breastfeeding is going better and that you are feeling well supported by your husband and his mom.
    As many people have already posted ~ sometimes they need to get a little older before they like kicking around in their bath.

    Hugs and lots of support!
    Great picture of the cutie!

  8. Congrats on the birth of your little Maggie! She’s adorable! Most newborns don’t love bath time initially, but I found bathing w/my kids helped a ton. Have daddy sit outside the tub to help hand you what you need and be ready with a towel so you can make it as quick as possible if she’s not happy 🙂

    I really appreciated your posts on BF’ing-it can be so much harder than you’d expect, but I promise it’ll continue to improve with time. We used a sheild w/my daughter, and then had an aweful time getting her to nurse without it-I should have gotten help from LLL much sooner. When my son came along, he had a frenectomy at 2wks and it was so quick and painless. I nursed him immediately after and it was a world of difference! So I will keep you in prayer and hope things continue to improve! Thanks for all your honesty, your blog is delightful to read!

  9. Congratulations! Cherish these moments together and try to stick with breast feeding. It is such an awesome time in your life as mama.

  10. 1. Yay!!

    2. I haven’t heard much about getting the frenulem clipped, but what I have heard is all good stuff.
    Also, perhaps I’m just dense, but I can’t figure out the laid-back position. Is she still across your stomach like in the cradle hold, or is she up and down the same direction as you (like her legs on your legs)?

    4. That’s great! And seriously, having a baby in the middle of winter is not ideal for getting mama back in shape 🙂

    6. Yay for your husband! And how great to have your MIL helping out! And I totally am with you on not knowing how single parents do it. That would have to be so incredibly difficult.

    7. Cutie pie!

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