The Final Countdown!

Anyone else remember that song? It’s classic. But of course I’m referring to my own “final countdown” – that is, until Baby Girl makes her appearance.

One week from today is induction day. Today was my last pre-natal appointment, and I have some good news to report.

1. I will officially have gone the entire pregnancy with no insulin! Hooray! This drastically increases the odds that baby girl will not have to be taken to NICU and her monitoring could be done in the room. It depends on the preference of the doctor on duty when she is born.

2. I had a cervical exam. They don’t normally do them, so I wouldn’t have one until I arrived at the hospital next week to start induction. But I said I was sort of curious as to the ah, situation, and the doctor offered to give me one. I know some people wouldn’t want to know, because it might bum them out if they’re not far enough along, but I wanted to know how much work I have cut out for me between now and next week. 😉

She did the exam, and it turns out that I am 50% effaced and about 2.5 cm dialated! I was pretty surprised because I am only 38 weeks, but hey, I’ll take it! She also said she could feel the baby’s head, which was pretty awesome.

Even if I don’t go into labor before next Monday, since I’m already over 2 cm dialated, they will be able to start me on Pitocin right away, which should shorten the whole process, vis a vis if I was not effaced or dialated at all when I went in.

This is good news. If I had control over the situation, I’d like to go into labor on next Sunday. This way I do not spend Christmas in the hospital, and I also get to miss pitocin. Maybe you lovely ladies could be so kind as to throw this very specific prayer Our Lord’s way? There’s strength in numbers, right?

PS. Sorry for nothing but baby talk these days, but I’m a little absorbed right now. Please forgive.


6 thoughts on “The Final Countdown!

  1. Good luck! Consider going for a pedicure. The massage they do on your calves between the ankle and heel can trigger contractions. I was not dilated at all at my last appointment (39 weeks), had a pedicure and went into labor two days later. It may not work, but it certainly can’t hurt.

  2. Hoping (and praying) she gets to choose her own birthday.
    Congratulations on no insulin, and already showing some cervical progress.

  3. Glad to pray for you! How wonderful that you’re already ripening! They couldn’t actually feel my baby’s head even when I was 6 cm dilated (darn water in the way), so I’m quite jealous that you’re already so far along – that’s great!

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