7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 108)


*** 1 ***

I am sick. Not seriously though, dear readers, lest you get alarmed. I seem to have contracted that most disastrous of all foes, which can bring a person to their knees, crying “Why God? Why can’t I breathe?” That’s right friends, the cold.

Having a cold while 9 months pregnant is pretty rotten though. I’ve decided to persevere by spending the day on the couch.


*** 2 ***

10 days from now is baby-time. Unless, of course, she decides to come early. When the nurse saw how many contractions I was having, she teased me “Maybe this baby will come early!”. From your lips to God’s ear nurse.


*** 3 ***

I have three free magazine subscriptions. I got a postcard in the mail from one of our credit card companies saying I had like 120,000 miles. I thought, woo-h00, maybe we can get a free hotel room or something. So I logged onto the website to redeem my miles.

And it turns out that in order to get a free hotel room, you have to have like a million miles. So I got three free magazine subscriptions: Time, Glamour, and Health. The pickings were somewhat slim. But hey, they were free and now I’ll have some reading material for 3 am nursing.

*** 4 ***

This weekend is our last big date before the baby comes. We’re going to dinner at an Italian restaurant; the kind that serves the courses in the style of Italian cuisine. I hope they have fresh pasta. I haven’t had fresh pasta since Rome.

Then we’re going to see Handel’s Messiah performed by the Indianapolis Symphony. It’s sort of a tradition with us; we went last year, and we went to one in Chicago two years ago. It’s sort of a Christmas thing we do.


*** 5 ***

We are getting rid of our cable! We bought one of those blu-ray players that can stream NetFlix, and YouTube, and music from Pandora. We can save a good bit of money each month (cable is way more expensive than NetFlix) and get to watch more of what we like, rather than just “what’s on”. The onl thing I think we might miss will be the sports channels.

Has anyone else done this? Did you find it hard to not have cable?


*** 6 ***

I am going to be a bridesmaid for my dear friend’s wedding in February, and I need to find a dress. I’ll be six weeks-ish post-partum, and she told all of us that we can wear any type of dress we like as long as its navy blue.

Have any of you ladies needed/found a good nursing dress? If so, where might I locate one? Any ideas?


*** 7 ***

That’s all from here; have a great weekend!


8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. In regards to your cold, I’m sorry 😦 I hope you recover completely before she’s born!

    And in regards to Netflix vs. Cable, we did something similar before with netflix and I hiiiighly recommend it. What we also did (and by we I mean my husband) was set up an extra server by using our old desktop that can stream this “Play on” program he found online that gives you access to all TV websites and Hulu and such so you can literally watch almost anything you want, when you want it on TV. We never had cable, but the couple I’m living with now when I go back to Texas has it and I waste SO much time at night just vegging out. I already told Mike we’re not allowed to get cable when we move back to the states and all he wants is the Play on feature again. If you can get it set up, you can try it free for 30 days and then its like $40 a year or something like that. As long as your TV has the ability to stream, then I think you’re good.

    The only problem is, you’re right, sporting events and no Bloomberg, which he started recently liking too. I guess you can’t have it all 😦

  2. I hope you feel better soon. Congratulations on the subscriptions, though I would recommend (as soon as you and she master latching) nursing in semi-darkness so everyone can stay in sleep mode.

    Have a wonderful dinner!

  3. Wow…you’re getting so close! That’s terrific. I will keep you in my prayers for a safe, healthy and holy labor/delivery.

  4. We got rid of our cable 2 years ago. We went through a little bit of withdrawl, but now, it’s just normal for us 🙂 So much less wasted time. We watch a movie now and then when it’s convenient for us, not when the programers decided to play it. I wouldn’t go back!

    Good luck on your wait! I pray it goes quickly for you!

  5. So close! Enjoy your date night. I haven’t had cable in years, and mostly I don’t miss it (especially with hulu and Netflix), but I DO miss ESPN. I’m still not over it, especially now that college basketball’s back in full gear. 😦 However, I don’t miss it enough to go back to paying for cable!

  6. Boo! to that cold. I hope it doesn’t stay around long.

    I hate to say it, but if you turn on lights for night nursings, Miss Baby is going to think it’s wake-up time. I learned this the hard way with Maria. For the first few months, you will need light to latch. We got a little nightlight on an extension cord with Maria. Not great, the cord got tangled in the bedclothes. This time I have a tiny flashlight with a dim settting. If you aren’t co-sleeping, a nightlight with a switch on the table by your nursing chair might work well.

    We don’t even have a TV, or Netflix. Don’t miss either one after a while.

  7. So sorry to hear about your cold! I’m getting over one and it is NOT easy to get through a cold without medicine!

    We got rid of our cable and are so glad we did!

    I was reading through old blog posts of mine this morning and came across some lamentation posts that you commented on. Neither of us were pregnant and both just trying to have hope. So awesome that you are now so close to giving birth and I’m not far behind you! Praise God!

  8. I celebrate your courage in giving up cable. I have told Atticus, Sr. that when your little one comes to visit we will not have the TV on when she is awake. And if you and Atticus, Jr. are not here, we won’t have it on ever when she is here. We will need to be listening for her if she is sleeping.
    I know that I will not want grandchildren exposed to the violence on TV and they do not need to hear the news.
    I will be curious about how you like being unplugged from TV. I did not get a TV in the kitchen until the kids were half way through second grade.
    I do remember when there were only 3 channels and they signed off at about 11:30 on week nights and at about 1:00 a.m. on the weekends. People watched less TV. And no computers!! No internet! No video rental.
    I think you two, you three, will be happy with the new arrangement.

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