Full Term

Well friends, today is a big day. Baby girl is officially full term at 37 weeks! I have made it to full term with this wonderful baby. If she was born today, she wouldn’t be considered premature, and all of her organs are ready for “life on the outside”.

Now, the question is, am I ready for “life on the outside”? Of course, the answer is no. We have the car seat. We have the crib, the stroller, the diapers, the blankets, the clothing. We have the Pack n’ Play set up next to our bed, a changing station next to that.

I have a nursing bra. The labor bag is about 85% packed. We have a bag with snacks packed for Atticus. The postpartum survival kit has been assembled.

But am I ready? Can you ever be ready for your life to completely change in an instant? Of course not. But I’m ready to be blown away. And I’ve read enough blogs of women who have had babies, and talked to new friends who have babies to know that I will be blown away. I will be shocked, amazed, awed, and challenged like nothing before.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m ready. It just means I know that I can’t possibly know or be ready for what’s ahead. I have to just jump into it and figure it out as we go. Becoming a parent seems to be one of those things that you can’t really do or truly imagine, until you do it. I don’t know if that makes sense.

Two weeks from today I am scheduled for induction at 10:00 am. My prayer these days is that I may go into labor a little early and get to miss out on the Pitocin (I would be so very sad, I’m sure. ;P) But of course, if Baby girl is not ready before the 27th, then she won’t come before then. This is her show.

I’ve actually been more focused on/worried about after she’s born than I have been about the labor/delivery. I’m being induced (more than likely). I’ll have Pitocin (unless I’m not induced). Whatever happens after that is what’s going to happen. I am not wholeheartedly invested in any particular way of birthing this child. I’d love to not have a c-section, because I’d always prefer not to have major surgery, but if it comes to that, then it comes to that. Spending a lot of time and energy worrying about this is not really helpful, because I don’t ultimately have much control over it. Again, this is her show.

She is head down, and as of the last u/s (last week) her head was way down in my pelvis. When she hiccups, I can feel it in my lower back.

I have to pee way more now than I did before, and the pressure of her head is giving me burning nerve pain in my lower abdomen. At least it’s not constant. I’ve gained just over 20 pounds, and I feel roughly the size of a walrus. When I stand up straight, I can’t see my feet. Atticus helps me with my shoes.

I’m not complaining, not really anyway.

I’ve had a pretty low-stress pregnancy, I’ve felt pretty good for most of it, and I’m not surprised that the last few weeks are miserable. I know I’m not alone in that!

Our doctor told us that we are now clear to begin the “natural means” of labor induction. Understood.

Nurse asked me today during non-stress test: “What kind of birth control are you planning to use after she’s born?” I did not skip a beat, but answered,  Fertility Awareness Method (I use this name with secular folk because there’s a chance they’ve at least heard of it!) and she just said, “Oh ok. Sounds good.” Well then. Excellent, I don’t have to explain myself or put up with your eye rolling.

That’s the big news from here. Just trying to survive the cold and snow, and enjoy these last two weeks (or maybe less?) until she arrives. I cannot wait to meet this little person who’s been so close to me for the last 8.5 months.


13 thoughts on “Full Term

  1. I am thrilled to pieces for you!! So excited to see the blessing of your journey, and YOU are so thin! 🙂 Much admiration for your faith in God from the start, Sarah!! Prayers for the coming weeks!

  2. I needed this happy post today! Many prayers that the next 2 weeks, including delivery, go as smoothly as the first 37. And – you look awesome!

  3. Yay! I can’t believe it’s almost here!!! You are so right that you just don’t know about it until you experience it. Cannot wait to hear all about your baby girl’s arrival!!!

  4. Congratulations, it must feel good to know that she is term. Yes it will amaze and humble you but sense is that you are so ready to have your world rock.

    Tomorrow or two weeks ~ am so excited to ‘meet’ your little one.

  5. I can’t wait to ‘meet’ her, either!

    Low head is a good thing. Maybe she’ll start labor for you on her own. (And maybe I should not say stuff like that, so you don’t start hoping….:))

    You look great for a 37 weeks pregnant mama!

  6. You have the perfect attitude for a new mom:) Also, you do not resemble a walrus in any way!:) I can’t wait to meet your sweet little girl!

  7. Ah Sarah, you look beautiful. Don’t stress and don’t worry…the first few weeks are, of course, difficult and life-changing, but seeing your child and getting to know her little quirks is so amazing and all-consuming that the truth is, time will fly by quickly and before you know it she’ll be sitting up, toddling around, and eating from the sugar bowl.

    I’ll keep you guys in our prayers. How cool would it be if she was born on Christmas Day?

    My daughter’s birthday is the 20th, and she loves having Christmas right by her birthday. It’s actually the only way she can remember when her birthday is (she’s only just now five.)

  8. I love your writing. We love you. Your posting just warms my heart. A big smile is on my face.
    My Uncle Jim was born on Christmas. My Grandma Murphy told us that it was her best Christmas ever. And I think she told us a story that she scrubbed her kitchen floor the day before and got the turkey in the oven and then delivered. And it would have been a delivery at home, not in the hospital. I did not scrub a floor the day before any of my deliveries.

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