This and That

Since it’s snowing today. I’m going to watch Miracle on 34th Street.


This post has no real rhyme or reason to it. I just have things to share. So here they are.

1. I am scheduled for induction! I heard the nurse on the phone yesterday talking to labor and delivery. I go in to the hospital to begin “the process” 10 am on December 27th.

2. As in, 27 days from today. As in, 27-28 days from today I’ll have a baby in my arms. This is overwhelming (in a mostly good way).

3. I am in the home stretch here. Dr. put me on an additional medication, gly.buride, in hopes of staving off insulin. My sugars are starting to creep up a bit, but are only slightly off the goal. She thinks this medication, which works with the other to have my body make just a little more insulin, will hopefully work for the next four weeks. I hope this too; I’m not keen to inject three times a day. Also, baby must be monitored for four hours after birth (to check her blood sugars) and if I haven’t been on insulin, there’s a good chance they’ll be able to do the monitoring in-room, rather than in NICU.

4. Dr. doesn’t think I will need a c-section. At least, not based on the baby’s size right now. Woo-hoo! If there isn’t a section, then I’ll get to nurse within the first hour, either in-room or at NICU. I feel really relieved about that.

5. Starting this week I have a weekly Dr. appointment, and have to go in twice a week for them to monitor the baby. Yes, the joys of high-risk pregnancy are never ending. Yesterday was my first day. I have to sit in this recliner and they strap a doppler to my stomach that monitors the baby’s heartbeat. They also strap this little box with a button on it to my stomach that registers uterine activity (aka contractions). I have to push this other little button whenever I feel the baby move.

It’s quite the set-up. They have to monitor me for about 30 minutes, two days a week.

6. In completely un-baby related news, I’m reading Hail, Holy Queen by Scott Hahn for our ladies book club, which meets tomorrow. It’s very good. I’d like to try and get a post in about it soon, but I don’t know if I will. But being nearly done with it, I highly recommend it if you’re looking to learn more about Mary, especially as she is foreshadowed in Scripture.

7. While I was waiting yesterday at the doctor’s, there was a poster on the wall from the world health organization about breastfeeding. It had the following fact on it:

If a woman spends 6-7 years of her lifetime breastfeeding (which would be feeding 4 babies for 1.5 years or so) her risk of breast cancer by the time she reaches menopause is less than 1%.

hmm. I don’t think I need to add commentary to this fact. It pretty much speaks for itself.


That’s all I have right now. Yes, I realize I just did a quick takes, and it’s Wednesday. I just wanted to share this stuff today.


4 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Oh, I love Miracle on 34th Street! I also read and enjoyed Hail, Holy Queen.

    I appreciate the pregnancy update. It sounds like things are really going well for you! What a great practice in patience those twice-a-week monitorings must be!

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