7 Quick Takes Friday

7 quick takes sm1 7 Quick Takes Friday (vol. 100)

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*** 1 ***

I’ve been thinking about Christmas, specifically how I can be as prepared as possible before Christmas arrives, so I don’t have to be running around buying gifts, making cookies, etc. when I’m just weeks from delivering.

After reading some great ideas online, I think we’re going to be doing a lot of gourmet type food gifts for people. They are relatively inexpensive, but a fun gift to receive because it’s the kind of thing you’d never buy for yourself, but can enjoy immensely as a little indulgence. Also, easy to wrap. Slap a bow on that puppy, and it’s done!

Some of my favorite ideas so far are:

Scone mixes from King Arthur Flour (particularly apple cinnamon, cinnamon pecan, ginger bread, cranberry orange, and french toast — hmmmmm).

Anything from Williams and Sonoma

What are your ideas for Christmas gifts? Have you started planning for the holidays yet?

*** 2 ***

I’m now participating in a Catholic Women’s book club! My friend Caitlin proposed the idea, and I’m so excited for it! Some women in her family who live out of town pick one book a month from a list of Vatican recommended Catholic books, and they read it, then get together to drink wine and chat discuss the book. She proposed that a group of us here in Indy do something similar. The book for October is St. Teresa of Avila’s Interior Castle. Nothing like getting started with some light reading, right? 🙂

I finally got the book yesterday, and it’s only the 6th, so I think I’m doing o.k.! Let’s see if I can actually read and comprehend any with my baby-addled brain.

In any case, I’m so looking forward to spending time with some Catholic women who are all in similar, but unique places in life. One of us has two children, one is engaged, two are married with no children yet, and then there is me, expecting baby #1.  A good mix I think.

Have you read Interior Castle? Is it as intimidating as it seems?

*** 3 ***

Has anyone who has kids bought a Baby Bjorn secondhand? We got a Moby wrap last week (on sale!) but I’d like to get a Baby Bjorn so we have an alternative carrier, just in case. But, I really don’t want to pay $80 for it. I’ve seen a few on Craigslist secondhand, but I’m somewhat wary of buying it used, mostly for safety reasons.

If you’ve gotten one secondhand, did you have any issues with it? Do you think it’s worth it to buy it new for full price?

*** 4 ***

Our baby needs this:

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla...Felt Softie

And by “our baby” I might mean me. I mean, she’d play with it eventually, but really, it’d be for me to play with now. 🙂

Seriously though, isn’t that one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen? The Saintly Silver Etsy shop has about 100 or so of these little Catholic “felt softies.” I love them!

*** 5 ***

Life as We Know It? I think this movie looks really cute. Yeah, it’s a typical rom-com, with a baby thrown in, but let’s be real. I like rom-com’s, and I obviously like babies, so there you go. Atticus has Monday off (yay for state holidays!) so our plan as of now is to (1) go to the Zoo! and then (2) go see this movie.

What do you think?

*** 6 ***

Faith and Family Live! has a great post today on resources for praying the Rosary. It’s really worth checking out!

*** 7 ***

Have a great weekend folks!


13 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. #1 ~ I have the opposite problem and am hoping to come out of new baby fog in time to pull a decent Christmas list together. I may to borrowing your ideas, many family members like King Arthur’s stuff.
    #2 ~ Was reading (and enjoying) this summer, need to pick it back up.
    #3 ~Got one from a family member, so can speak to longevity but part of my confidence did come from knowing that the first users well.
    #4 ~ Adorable!
    #5-7 ~ Have a wonderful time!

  2. I have done nothing for Christmas. And probably won’t for, oh, about two more months. 🙂

    There is a list of Vatican recommended Catholic books?!!! You MUST share!

    I’ve half-read the Interior Castle. It was too hard for me. So I read The Way of Perfection and her autobiography which are supposed to be helpful to read first (I loved them!), and hopefully someday soon I’ll actually be up for The Interior Castle!

    I hadn’t seen the Saintly felt softies. So cute!

  3. Hi Sarah!

    Congrats on the upcoming baby!

    Christmastime always flips me out because I’m always so worried that my gifts won’t measure up somehow, or that I won’t be able to afford to give people good things. But I like your gift ideas a lot!

    And I love your #4, that is too cute! 🙂

    Have a great day!

  4. If you are going to use a baby carrier (like the bjorn) a lot, you might be better off looking for a Becco or Pikkolo carrier. The Bjorn is typically a front carry which will get uncomfortable for you very quickly and also most of the baby’s weight will be on her pelvis in that type of carrier, which can be bad for her development. The Becco and/or Pikkolo are more expensive, but definitely worth the money even if you have to pay full price (I would trust a used one though). And you can get the baby from front to back without assistance which is a huge advantage when you are out alone. I have a Becco and love it, and still use it all the time and Tess is 13 mo old and 21 lbs.

  5. #1-I was thinking along the lines of some food gifts this year as well, particularly for my in-laws. For gifts that support religious communities (including some great food stuff) I like Monastery Greetings. i’m also considering getting Christmas cards this year from from the Marians of the Immaculate Conception:www.marian.org. They have other items as well.
    #2-I got Interior Caastle for Christmas last year (I asked for it along with another one by her). Haven’t read them yet, they do look intimidating, but I’m determined to read them eventually. I’m also in a Catholic book group. It’s a mixed gender group and we meet and have a pot luck supper. It’s fun! I’ll have to go look for that list of Vatican approved books!!
    #5-Looks like a cute movie!! We’ll probably rent it one day, we hardly ever see movies in the theater (which is too bad).

  6. I haven’t thought too much about Christmas, but I have to do my shopping by Thanksgiving, so I’d better get on it! As for the Interior Castle… I started it. The first few castles were really good, but then I started getting totally lost by the 4th, and I think I stopped reading in the 5th or 6th. Here’s to you getting through them all!

  7. I am always thinking Christmas. I usually try to make most of my gifts throughout the year so it isn’t crazy come December! 😉 Your book club sounds great… can’t wait to hear about some of the books you read. I really want to see that movie too! 🙂

  8. Haha, Rae, I usually wait to do Christmas stuff until the first week of December or so, but I guess this year I’m paranoid about getting it all done before the baby. 🙂

    The fact that the Interior Castle was too hard for you makes me nervous. You are way smarter than I am! Wish me luck!

  9. Christy,

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m going to pass on your blog to my dear friend Kristin who works in youth/teen ministry at an amazing spirit-led Catholic Church in MD. She LOVES Relevant and I think she’d love your writing! 🙂

  10. Emilie,

    Thanks for the advice! I hadn’t even heard of those particular brands of carrier, but I will look into it! 🙂

  11. Um, me smarter? You’re the one with the MA, my dear. 🙂 And in any case, I think there is a huge amount of spiritual rather than intellectual smarts required to understand St. Teresa.

    I’m sure you’ll be fine! And then you can explain it to all of us on your blog. 🙂

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