7 Quick Takes Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday

*** 1 ***

Football. Season. It starts tomorrow. 3:30 p.m. South Bend. We’re going to be there!

*** 2 ***

We’re tailgating with the family of a wonderful ‘friend couple’ here in town — T and C. C is a grad of Notre Dame, but they’re both fans. We’ll meet up with them for a while before the game — then we’ll also meet up with our friends E and J who are going to be Baby’s godparents — J is a ND alum. Yeah, we seem to know a lot of them!

*** 3 ***

This video just gives me the chills — but I’m a big fan. However, if you aren’t, how can you hear that player at the end say, “You’re playing for more than just yourself. At the end of the day you’re playing for Our Lady, Notre Dame.” and not want to go, “Yeah!!”

*** 4 ***

One more Notre Dame video — then I’m done, I promise.

*** 5 ***

We’re also going to be staying with Atticus’ parents tonight and possibly Sunday night. It’ll be nice to see them, as we haven’t in about a month or so.

*** 6 ***

Sirius, our dog, had been gradually earning a little bit of freedom. We’d let him out without his leash while we putzed in the garden, and he never strayed out of the yard. Well, last night we let him out while we picked some tomatoes — we turn our backs, and he’s gone!

So Atticus jumps in the car and circle the neighborhood trying to find him before he gets onto the golf course near our house and comes out who knows where. I stay here, in case he comes back. I’m making dinner, and all of a sudden I hear something on the back porch. I look out the window and see a small black dog staring expectantly at the door. Yes, our prodigal dog returned.

His freedom is over.

*** 6 ***

Friends, today is going to be 77 degrees — for the high! So exciting. Tomorrow, only a high of 75 in South Bend. This, coming on the heels of the hottest, driest month on record for Indiana is downright balmy. Maybe I’ll even break out my fleece this weekend? Dare I hope?

*** 7 ***

Last, but certainly not least: I saw via FaceBook yesterday that Maggie had her baby! God bless and congrats! I hope we’ll all get a full update and hear the wonderful birth story soon!

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!


5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday!

  1. Football! So — I’m not a fan, but I’ve decided that I need to finally at least learn and know about the game as a motivator for my 4th grade boys. So, thank you! I now know that the season starts tomorrow? Ok. We’ll figure this out… 🙂

  2. Ah, football – the best time of the year!

    So glad Sirius is home safely – we had a similar experience with Kali as well a few years ago. She stays on a leash now.

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