Yesterday was my 22 week appointment with the doctor. Everything is going really well. I’ve been having pregnancy side effects, so she gave me some things to try to help relieve them.

Bleeding Gums: I’ve noticed since the beginning of the 2nd trimester, that my gums feel somewhat swollen and bleed every few times that I brush. It’s probably my most annoying symptom now. Apparently an extra boost of vitamin C will help with that – I guess vitamin C helps with wound healing, and technically your gums are a wound. I did not realize that – maybe I missed that day of biology?

Round Ligament Pain: I know this is a pretty common pregnancy complaint. Mine hasn’t been too bad, but you know, when your whole abdomen is stretching, sometimes its going to feel…like your whole abdomen is stretching. She suggested some exercises that could help.

Baby’s heartbeat is strong, strong, strong. She also seems to be heavily favoring the right side of my body. I feel all kinds of kicks and movements from over there!

In other news, I have now gained ten pounds since the beginning of my pregnancy. Herein lies the “oops!” in my title. At my 18 week appointment, I had gained about 2 – 2.5 pounds. Between week 18 and 22, I gained about 8 pounds. Oops!

Apparently it’s supposed to be a bit more g-r-a-d-u-a-l than that. I had been paying so much attention to watching my blood sugar, that I didn’t realize I was gaining weight that fast. By the way, my sugars are really good, and I haven’t had to go on insulin yet! Hooray!

Dr. W walks in and says, “What have you been eating for lunch? Because you gained 8 pounds in a month!”. But she was really nice about it. She asked me some questions about my eating habits, and with a little digging, we (haha — I should know this I’ve been the one eating!) discovered that I may be hitting the full-fat dairy products a b-i-t- too hard. I’ve been hardcore craving things like ice cream, yogurt, mac n cheese, and … you get the picture.

Of course dairy products are good in pregnancy because baby needs calcium, so she didn’t tell me to eat less dairy, but to switch to mostly low-fat options, especially for cheese and ice cream. She seems to think that should help my weight gain become more gradual. I can live with that. As long as I get some full fat ice cream every once in a while. 😉

All told, only having gained ten pounds by week 22 seems pretty good. Even with my little Oops! moment.

What has been your most recent oops moment? Have you ever had a pregnancy related one?


7 thoughts on “Oops!

  1. You know, it sounds to me like your body was just catching up to put your weight gain where it should be. As long as you don’t keep gaining at that rate, I wouldn’t worry too much! Congrats on your sugar maintenance!

    My gums bleed a bit more when I floss, so… I haven’t been flossing as much. Even though I know better. Does that count as an oops?

    By the way, the picture at the top cracks me up.

  2. I think 10 pounds in 22 weeks is great! I wish I would have done that well!! I never have. And I always had at least one month where I would put on 8 pounds or so in that four week period. I hate it, but it happens at least once every pregnancy. I also had round ligament pain…pretty bad with my third one actually.

    No oops moment from me, today…I love watching you ladies expecting for the first time, though…it reminds me of my first pregnancy…fun to think about going through it all for the first time. 🙂

  3. Not during this pregnancy, but once with during my first I stopped at a local store on my way home and then proceeded to walk home ~ and was very confused why the car was not in the driveway. I put the milk away and went back to the store for my car ~ oops placenta brain!!

    Congrats on being over halfway and good sugar control.

  4. The recipe looks yummy.
    Maybe you drank more water before this appointment.
    The baby still needs some fat and so do you so that you can absorb the fat soluble vitamins.
    How exciting! 22 weeks. I reminded Charlie about it. Last Friday on the 27th I reminded him that there are only 4 months to go. You are doing a great job managing all of this.

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