Our Bumper

We had a pro-life bumper magnet. It showed a child with hands folded saying, “Pray to end abortion.” It wasn’t my favorite one, but someone gave it to us and I wanted to use it. Then, one night I was having dinner with some girlfriends at…how shall we say…a somewhat progressive establishment (with killer pulled pork BBQ) and when I came out, the magnet was gone! Yes, that’s right, someone stole it. I was pretty surprised. I mean, I don’t often see pro-choice bumper stickers, but when I do, I am never, ever tempted to steal it and/or vandalize that person’s car. There’s a level beneath which you do not sink; and vandalism of the personal property of others is where it’s at.

Anyway, I knew we’d want to get another pro-life sentiment of some kind to replace it, but I wasn’t seeing any that really encompass how we feel. I don’t like the ones which are overly antagonistic, or brash. I prefer something positive.

Then, finally, last night I was perusing the “Consistent Life” website and came across their collection of bumper stickers. I’m really excited to say I found two that we both really like!

I can’t wait until they arrive, and you can see us coming down the road with these:


Pro-Life Peace Voters Sticker (Bumper)

Have you ever had your car vandalized for a political sentiment? What’s the best bumper sticker you’ve seen lately?


6 thoughts on “Our Bumper

  1. These are great!

    I’ve never dealt with political vandalism, but it happened both ways at my college. The Republican club joked that their stickers were great anti-theft devices to be put on expensive water bottles.

  2. I like those. The one on our car is one of an older gentleman holding a baby and it says “Every Life Is Worth Living”

    Personally, I like the ones that say “Abortion stops a beating heart” but don’t have one of those (yet).

    And while I’m not big on the “in your face” type of bumper stickers…I always smile when I see, “You can’t be Catholic and be pro-choice.”

  3. I like them both!

    I’ve not had my car vandalized for political sentiment, but I have for college football team sentiment. I had my WV magnet stolen at a football game.

    My favorite bumper sticker as of late is “When Jesus said “Love thy enemy”, I’m pretty sure He didn’t mean ‘Kill them'”.

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