The Beginning of the End

Oh friends,

The trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows has been released. Part one comes out in November ( 4 months!) and Part two in July of 2011. I’m not entirely certain that my preggo hormones will be able to handle this!

Oh goodness. What do you think about that??
On a side note, light blogging ahead as we’re leaving tomorrow to visit my grandparents in PA. We’ll be back on Monday evening, but not before I get a chance to visit with the lovely Elizabeth of That Married Couple!
I hope everyone has a very happy and healthy 4th of July weekend!

5 thoughts on “The Beginning of the End

  1. HOLY SHISH-KA-BOBS! I CAN’T WAAAAAAAAAAIT!!! How about I fly to where you live for the first part, then you can fly to where I live for the second part so we can watch it and gasp in amazement together!

  2. I Saw the trailer last night before Eclipse! I CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! I have got to get through the books with Sarah before Part One comes out in November!!!

  3. I have *no clue* how I’ll be able to handle the two movies … I might just wait until the second one comes out! Seriously! I couldn’t take the suspense!! 🙂


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