7 Quick Takes Friday — Baby Style

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I’m going to use my QT’s this week to talk about finding out we were pregnant, and what’s been going on since then!

** 1 **

I took a test the day I was supposed to get my period. Just for kicks. Even though I knew I ovulated, and I knew it was possible I had conceived, I still didn’t *think* I’d be pregnant. I thought, “We’re going to Rome. Just in case….on the off chance…I’ll take a test.”

So when the faint, faint pink line showed up on the test, I was shocked. I thought, oh, that’s a fluke. I’ll just take another one. I made Atticus stop at the “other house” and pick up the ones I had in a box there. So he knew I suspected at that time I might be pregnant. When he got home from work I took the second test, and the line was still light, but present. I thought, “Well, I’m probably pregnant. But let’s wait till tomorrow and take one more.”

Yes, I took three pregnancy tests. They were all positive. ha. You could say I was in shock.

** 2 **

I called Dr. M right away, and he started me on Progesterone supplements before we left for Rome (approx. 4 weeks pregnant). I’m still taking them and will through the end of the first trimester.

We went off to Rome and had a great time! An especial high point was during the Papal audience we attended, when the Pope extends an Apostolic blessing on the people and he said, “This blessing applies especially to your children.” I cried a little bit.

** 3 **

My morning sickness set in around 6 weeks. I haven’t thrown up, but have been really queasy, tired, and had some pretty terrible heartburn. It’s great. I am grateful that I can keep food down, but have really only wanted to eat cereal, fruit, mac’n’cheese, and barbequed pork sandwiches. Things I usually love, like chicken and eggs (not together), now make me sick.

** 4 **

Today we had our first appointment with the doctor. I really like her. She is what’s called a Maternal-Fetal Medicine doctor. She’s an OB-GYN, but also a certified endocrinologist, meaning she can treat my diabetes and handle my pregnancy. Because I am diabetic, this is a high-risk pregnancy. What that means is that basically I’ll be monitored slightly closer than women who are not high-risk.

I’ll eventually have to go in insulin, in addition to the medication I am on now, but it may not be for another month or so. Blood sugar has to be very tightly monitored. Diabetic women are at a higher risk for pre-eclampsia than non-diabetic women (which doesn’t mean I will have it — there’s a 30% chance for diabetic women — like 8% risk for non-diabetic).

There are risks to the baby as it gets closer to delivery, so I’ll deliver at 39 weeks, rather than 40. Doing that helps cut down on risks to the baby at delivery. But I don’t have to have a c-section, which is good.

I haven’t thought much about all of the labor stuff yet, but my main goal and focus is to deliver a healthy baby and keep myself healthy. Whatever it takes to achieve that, is what we’ll do. I don’t think we’ll make a birth plan (at least not written), because that never does seem to go the way we think it will.

** 5 **

As part of the appointment, the nurse tried to find the baby’s heart on the doppler. I knew she would fail; I’m not yet ten weeks. I was right! So I had another ultrasound!

We got to see the baby again, and man, a week and half makes a lot of difference in fetal development — we could see the hands and feet that formed, and, as we were looking at him/her, the baby started to wiggle around! It was the coolest thing ever.

** 6 **

I think we’re going to find out the baby’s gender at the 18 week ultrasound. I don’t really like surprises, and I think it’ll help us feel bonded to the baby. I know people have different thoughts on this, I’m not saying everyone should do what we do, but I just *have* to know!

** 7 **

Oh yes, and this is not baby related, but tomorrow we’re going to pick strawberries! I’m so excited! I’m going to make a strawberry pie later this week.

Also, I understand if you skipped most of these QT’s because you don’t want to read all about baby. I’ll try to be more balanced in the future!

Happy weekend friends!


11 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday — Baby Style

  1. I love reading about baby! And, I must say, I am so glad they got you on Progesterone. I have had to take it with my last two pregnancies…and while it has made me very nauseous for as long as I have to take it…it has been quite necessary! Congrats again! What a wonderful blessing!

  2. I love all your Quick Takes! So happy everything is going well for you! I can’t wait for you to find out the gender… it is such an exciting time!

  3. I’m so excited to hear all about your baby! I think the blessing at the papal audience is AWESOME! 🙂

  4. Papal blessing: What an amazing story to someday tell your little one. Glad the nausea has not been too bad and that you have found a provider you like.

  5. Don’t be silly! This post was great! Keep us updated…and of course, prayers for the healthy journey for you and baby. 🙂

  6. I love reading everyone’s baby stories, so keep ’em coming! And what a special story to tell your little one (I almost typed girl there instead of one) that she received a papal blessing at just about the very beginning of her life.

  7. I loved reading your pregnancy story… at least up to this point! It is wonderful. It is neat that you will be able to look back and read this little moments. I am so happy for you and your husband!! 🙂

  8. Dear Sarah and Atticus,
    Congratulations! I had a feeling about this after reading your last blog post about being so tired – (hmmm that sounds just like pregnancy!) Rest, rest, rest & let the housework slide! I hope you are feeling well. We will keep all of you in our prayers. Showers of blessings on your and your new little one. Love, The L-M’s

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