Wonderful New Blog!

I am breaking my self-imposed no-blogging-on-weekends rule in order to share this fabulous new blog I’m stumbled upon! It’s called Simple Mom, but it seems to be a blog meant to inspire and give resources to home managers.

So far in the past hour or so of perusing the site, I have found about 50 (or so) great ideas, and lots of posts that I’m simply bursting to share! So share I will. I hope you’ll enjoy some of these ideas for things like menu planning, finding motivation to work at home, and creating a family mission statement.

Menu Planning

8 Ways to Find Motivation at Home
This is a great post about ideas for staying motivated when you are working from home, working at home, etc.

Create a Family Mission Statement This is a great idea! The prompt questions are very helpful for a starting point in discussing how to make a family mission statement. Atticus and I are going to do this soon.

Basics Behind a Budget that Works

12 Green and Frugal Lessons From My Mom These are some wonderful suggestions! Atticus and I are thinking of switching to cloth napkins, too.

I love this new blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy these resources for easier home management!


One thought on “Wonderful New Blog!

  1. Thanks for sharing. I love the motivation post. I often say that the hardest part about a stay at home mom is being my own boss.

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