A Halloween Proposition

Atticus and I have not shunned Halloween. Instead we’re choosing to focus on this day as a Church holiday, because, after all, that’s what it is. It is All Hallow’s Eve, which means, the eve of all holy souls. Now October 31 is the day before November 1. November 1 is the feast of All Saints, thereby making the night before it…the eve of all holy souls. Moving right along.

Obviously since America was founded by Protestants who disdained anything that smelled remotely like a feast day, or saints, or …anything Catholic, Halloween has become a secular holiday that’s all about being as bloody, creepy, murder and gore loving as humanly possible, and then consuming as much sugar as humanly possible, until you’re forced to crawl into your bed bemoaning your sad existence and your choice to eat the 12th KitKat bar (personal testimony). And of course, if you’re a girl over the age of 13, then it’s become about wearing as little clothing as humanly possible on October 31st, and putting the entire contents of your body on display right along next to the skulls and bed-sheet ghosts.

And why shouldn’t it be that way? From my estimation, the three things Americans like best are death, empty calories, and sex.

All of this is by way of a Halloween Proposition. I’m sure many of you have heard about the Day Without A Mexican campaign that took place some time ago. The idea was that Hispanic immigrants, who do most of the grunt labor and dirty jobs in our country would all call in sick on the same day, thereby showing the American people how valuable their labor really is. I think this was a great idea. I was a whole-hearted supported of A Day Without A Mexican.

Now, I am proposing this October 31 — drumroll please — A Day Without A Scantily Clad Woman.

That’s right. I propose that we say, with one loud voice, that no longer is it common practice for women to just “wear lingerie and some kind of ears” on Halloween, in lieu of a costume that requires creativity or actual forethought. I propose that we women either put on some real clothing on this Halloween night, or just stay home.

And please, for the love of God and all things good, if you insist on dressing like you’ve had a run in with Edward Scissorhands, at least put on a sweater! It’s only 50 degrees outside, I don’t care how many long island iced tea’s you’ve had!

And just in case you don’t believe me on this one, here’s Mean Girls to take it on home.


5 thoughts on “A Halloween Proposition

  1. Halloween is not my favorite holiday – I’m not a fan of any costume that involves bunny ears and I’m not extremely creative to come up with something much better. I do however love seeing the little kiddos out trick-or-treating and do enjoy handing out candy to contribute to the sugar rush.

    The best part? When I turn off my porch light, quit torturing my dog by taking off her witch hat, and hit play on a good movie 🙂

  2. Awesome post! As the mother of three (yup, count ’em THREE) daughters who will all be teenagers at some point at the same time under my roof (Heaven help me!)…I completely support your day without a scantilly clad woman!!! PLEASE!!!!

    I love it though…my girls have gotten to where they recognize women wearing only a little clothing and THEY tell ME about it and how we should pray for them that they learn the value of covering up!

  3. Thank heavens (my) high school wasn’t really like that. Well, I guess some of the popular kids might’ve gone to parties like that, but I really think that’s more of a college thing.
    That said, I wasn’t the most modest when it came to Halloween costumes. I wasn’t in lingerie, but I do tend to look back and cringe a little, especially when I think about what I would’ve worn if I hadn’t been so self-conscious!

  4. I found you over at Michelle’s site.

    I am so glad my soon to be 15 year old still has her modesty intact. I must have done something right!

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