Across the Border

My husband and I are going to see Bruce Springsteen on May 12! I’m so excited; this is my graduation present. 🙂

I’ve been meaning to post this song for a while; it’s my all time favorite Bruce tune. I love it because it’s a song about longing for Heaven just as much as it’s a song about immigration. 

Those of us who love God, long for Heaven. We want to KNOW God, to be in His presence, and finally experience Love Himself. This song speaks to that desire, to find the peace of Heaven. 

Those of us who have never been forced to make a desperate and dangerous choice for the sake of our families and a better life, can’t really know what an undocumented immigrant experiences, but I think this song speaks really powerfully to the desires in the heart of an immigrant. One in Mexico who thinks life will be better here in the US. One in the US who longs for the beauty and family of her home country. One who is not quite here or there. 

As Christians, we relate. We’re in the world, but our hearts and eyes are fixed on Heaven. 

Thanks for providing food for thought Bruce. You make New Jersey proud. 🙂




Across the Border by Bruce Springsteen

Tonight my bag is packed
Tomorrow I’ll walk these tracks
That will lead me across the border

Tomorrow my love and I
Will sleep ‘neath auburn skies
Somewhere across the border

We’ll leave behind my dear
The pain and sadness we found here
And we’ll drink from the Bravo’s muddy waters

Where the sky grows grey and white
We’ll meet on the other side
There across the border

For you I’ll build a house
High up on a grassy hill
Somewhere across the border

Where pain and memory
Pain and memory have been stilled
There across the border

And sweet blossoms fills the air
Pastures of gold and green
Roll down into cool clear waters

And in your arms ‘neath the open skies
I’ll kiss the sorrow from your eyes
There across the border

Tonight we’ll sing the songs
I’ll dream of you my corazon
And tomorrow my heart will be strong

And may the saints’ blessing and grace
Carry me safely into your arms
There across the border

For what are we
Without hope in our hearts
That someday we’ll drink from God’s blessed waters

And eat the fruit from the vine
I know love and fortune will be mine
Somewhere across the border


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