The Cat’s Pajamas!

  Tomorrow night one of my friends is hosting a Roaring 20’s party! Her apartment will be turned into a ‘speakeasy’ and we must all wear costumes. Needless to say, I am BEYOND excited.  I’m wearing a basic black drop-waisted, knee-length dress and then accessorizing it to the hilt with a: silver beaded cap, many … More The Cat’s Pajamas!

Good Find!

I was surfing Amazon looking for books I can’t afford to buy yesterday when I found this: The Audrey Hepburn Collection. A boxed set of the following movies staring the goddess of charm, grace and style. 1. Breakfast At Tiffany’s 2. Roman Holiday 3. Sabrina 4. Funny Face 5. Paris When It Sizzles All of … More Good Find!


I very much desire this dress: I think it’s about time that the sailor theme was introduced to my life. The photo below my new favorite dress is the hat I just bought from I think, paired with the right cardigan, this could be an ideal Easter outfit. What do you think?     … More Vintage

Guest Post!

A guest post from Rena Black, a friend who is studying at Villanova, regarding the proposed “Freedom of Choice Act”. FOCA: Freedom to Choose Abortion To whom it may concern: I am an academic, an independent voter, a feminist, and a Catholic. Catholics as a whole are not single-issue voters. Theologically, they cannot be, because … More Guest Post!