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On Pancakes and Remembering

“When I appealed to God in words, praise was on the tip of my tongue.”  – Psalm 66   I got up early to make them pancakes. I even added blueberries. As I was flipping, the oldest wandered downstairs, wiping sleep from her eyes. I thought to myself, she’s going to love this. What a […]

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Mindfulness for Melancholics: On Gratitude and Grace

“Listen, are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?” – Mary Oliver Have you ever been haunted by a word? It’s name popping up here in conversation, there in a magazine. Always speaking to you, in a hushed whisper, of what lies in store should you pursue her? Mindfulness. Over the last […]

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NFP: Are You Aware?

It’s been a while since I’ve had anything to say in these parts. So I figured what the hell? It’s NFP Awareness Week and I haven’t written about anything that I can’t stand in quite a spell, so here we are. You all are so lucky I’ve turned off Criminal Minds long enough to tell […]

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What We’re Reading: Library Edition

A few weeks ago I got to experience one of my favorite pleasures, going to a new library for the very first time. Since we just moved to a new town, with its very own library just a couples miles from our house, I was thrilled to check it out. Libraries are my happy place. […]

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By Our Love, By Our Love

I’ve been watching the series on the early Church, A.D.:The Bible Continues, since Easter. It’s quite well done, not 100% accurate, but very compelling and entertaining since after all, it is a network TV show. In the show, you see the Sanhedrin and Pharisees a lot, since it is basically telling the story of Acts […]

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An Easter Post

Oh, Death! Where is your sting? Oh, Hell! Where is your victory? Oh, Church! Come stand in the light, the glory of God has defeated the night! A picture is worth a thousand words. Someday, we will have holiday photos with 3 out of 3 children looking at the camera or maybe even smiling. Dream […]

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9 Months Old, Notre Dame, First Day of School {Photo Dump}

As I sit here drinking my own pumpkin spice latte concoction, complete with kitten marrow (or so I hear), all I have to say is… In other news, Notre Dame football started on Saturday. They won. No big. The Fumbles clan was all decked out for the first game, complete with very fierce game faces. […]

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Why Hello There.


  Oh Hello. Imagine my surprise when Jen “Something Other Than God” Fulwiler mentioned me and my post on Edel, by name, in her Edel reflection post. My surprise looked something like me blurting out an expletive while holding my son on my lap and having to wipe coffee from the laptop screen. I was […]

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Edel in Photos

Ready to go! Roomate selfie! The awesome Calah Fangirl getting my books signed Beautiful “Ascension” bracelet gifted to me by the sweet Mary Voss of Christian Bling Their stuff is so beautiful, and all hand-made. I even had to order this one, since Bernadette is my patron saint. Bangs twin selfie with one of the […]

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Thoughts After Edel

Here you are now/ fresh from your wars/ back from the edge of time/ and all that you were stripped to the bone/I thought you’d want to know When you feel the world is crashing all around your feet/ come running headlong into my arms/ breathless/I’ll never judge you/I can only love you/come now running […]

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