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A Prayer for Moving to a New House. With Small Kids. {A Guest Post by Laura}

Laura of Mothering Spirit is one of my “writing role models”. I love everything about the way she tells her story and listens intently to the stories and voices of others. And she’s a Domer, so that’s awesome. As I sit here, having come only a few hours ago from handing over the keys of […]

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Poetry Books: A Guest Post by Jess

Jess is really cool. I’ve been following her writing about feminism and Catholicism for a long time, and I love it. She is wise, yo. And, she like poetry. I know how to pick friends, don’t I? Today she’s talking about some of her favorite volumes.   A Post Where I Talk About Every Poetry […]

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You Are Not Defined By Your Child: A Guest Post by Nell

What can I say about Nell? She gets me. She’s a barefoot urban hippie mama who just is who she is and knows what she is about. And I love her.  Nell is the kind of woman who makes you feel like you are special, even if she’s just telling you where the bathroom is. […]

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I Am the Handmaid of the Lord: A Guest Post by Bobbi


I just love Bobbi. She is like the awesome, inspiring big sister I never had and always wished for. Her blog, Revolution of Love, is so uplifting and just beautiful. It made me so happy when she graciously accepted my pleading for her to guest post for me. If you don’t already follow Revolution of […]

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Spiritual Sisters: A Guest Post by Erica

For the first guest post in my “Epic Across the Metro Move 2015″ series, the lovely Erica from Saint Affairs is going to share some hard-fought wisdom for cultivating spiritual sisterhood. Erica is a wonderful writer and has personally motivated and inspired me in my own journey to embrace vulnerability in my writing. Make sure […]

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Tomfoolery and The Best Week of Feasts


Friends, Let me tell you about the state of affairs. Apparently its tricky to pack an entire house AND feed, change, and keep happy 3 kids each day. Who knew? Apparently we are crazy people. We are 11 days out from the move and you may not hear from me much the next two weeks. […]

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Capsule Wardrobe Part 2: Mary Cate and Charlie


As I said in Maggie’s capsule wardrobe post, she has a lot of opinions about her clothes. So many opinions. Blissfully, Mary Cate and Charlie do not have opinions about their clothes, so I get to dress them however I want. Ah, the perks of parenting toddlers. Perk? Maybe that’s the only one. As I […]

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A Trip to Notre Dame and Some Bloggin’


Friends, I was so delighted to have the opportunity to attend a gathering of the Catholic Women Blogging Network at Notre Dame. Because I need an excuse to visit the most beautiful campus in America, right? So throw in Nell, Bonnie, Kathryn, and my real life bestie Elizabeth, and I was down to party. There […]

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Father and Forgive


Yesterday’s Blessed Is She prompt for the day was father. So I skipped it. Hey, I’m in the business of truth telling over here. I skipped it because I knew there would be something there, I knew God would put something in my heart I’d have to feel. I skipped it yesterday, but came back […]

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Kids Capsule Wardrobe Part 1: Maggie


Maggie just turned 4, so she has a lot of opinions. As in, all of them. Especially in regards to her clothes. I’m always in awe of people who have a 4 year old they can choose clothing and lay out outfits for. Maggie picks out her own outfit every day, because if she didn’t, […]

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