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When Catholic Education Chose Us

When Catholic Education Chose Us

This week is Catholic schools week, and although our children are not yet school aged, I wanted to talk a little bit about how and why we have chosen Catholic schooling for our children’s education. It wasn’t an obvious decision for either of us, Atticus and I having both attended public schools for K-12. I … Continue reading

Why Hello There.

Why Hello There.

  Oh Hello. Imagine my surprise when Jen “Something Other Than God” Fulwiler mentioned me and my post on Edel, by name, in her Edel reflection post. My surprise looked something like me blurting out an expletive while holding my son on my lap and having to wipe coffee from the laptop screen. I was … Continue reading

Edel in Photos

Ready to go! Roomate selfie! The awesome Calah Fangirl getting my books signed Beautiful “Ascension” bracelet gifted to me by the sweet Mary Voss of Christian Bling Their stuff is so beautiful, and all hand-made. I even had to order this one, since Bernadette is my patron saint. Bangs twin selfie with one of the … Continue reading

Thoughts After Edel

Here you are now/ fresh from your wars/ back from the edge of time/ and all that you were stripped to the bone/I thought you’d want to know When you feel the world is crashing all around your feet/ come running headlong into my arms/ breathless/I’ll never judge you/I can only love you/come now running … Continue reading

Getting to Know You

Getting to know more about you….. It’s been a while since I’ve asked questions to get to know all you wonderful readers a little better. I’m coming up with some ideas for summer posts and what better way to help the juices flow than to learn more about you. If we were having coffee (make … Continue reading

Lent is rapidly drawing to a conclusion. I’ll tell ya, I won’t be sorry to see the backside of this one. Ironically, I have probably done the best ever in keeping with my resolution for the thing I gave up (any and all ice cream, including the weight watchers ones I previously ate almost daily). … Continue reading

It’s An Honor….

just to be nominated. The wonderful Bonnie of A Knotted Life is hosting the first-ever “Sheenazing” Blogger Awards and yours truly was nominated for “Most Inspiring Blog”. I am way more excited about this than I should be. There’s absolutely no way I am going to win (come on, my competetion is Jen Fulwiler! among … Continue reading