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A Birthday, A Visit, A Photo Dump

Last Monday was Atticus’ birthday, just one day after Father’s Day. The children were so thoughtful this year, and Daddy is the newest member of Smoking Goose’s Bacon of the Month Club. He also received some framed masterpieces from our Artist in Residence, Maggie. We started the birthday/father’s day weekend of fun with a babysitter … Continue reading

We’re in the Hardest Part {And A Giveaway}

I hate daylight savings time. With a fiery passion I usually only reserve for Twilight, olives, and the weeds in my backyard. Why, you ask? Well, if you are asking, you probably don’t have kids. All three of my kids have been infants during the summer, during DST. All three of them are for some … Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas {7QT}

This week’s quick takes are Father’s Day gift ideas that I think are pretty sweet, and that Atticus (and maybe one or two other dads out there) would love to receive. 7. Bring On the Bacon Bacon of the Month Club Yes, this is a real thing. An awesome, bacony-pig thing. Our local butcher/meat market/awesome … Continue reading

Getting to Know You

Getting to know more about you….. It’s been a while since I’ve asked questions to get to know all you wonderful readers a little better. I’m coming up with some ideas for summer posts and what better way to help the juices flow than to learn more about you. If we were having coffee (make … Continue reading

Lent is rapidly drawing to a conclusion. I’ll tell ya, I won’t be sorry to see the backside of this one. Ironically, I have probably done the best ever in keeping with my resolution for the thing I gave up (any and all ice cream, including the weight watchers ones I previously ate almost daily). … Continue reading

It’s An Honor….

just to be nominated. The wonderful Bonnie of A Knotted Life is hosting the first-ever “Sheenazing” Blogger Awards and yours truly was nominated for “Most Inspiring Blog”. I am way more excited about this than I should be. There’s absolutely no way I am going to win (come on, my competetion is Jen Fulwiler! among … Continue reading