A Birthday, A Visit, A Photo Dump

Last Monday was Atticus’ birthday, just one day after Father’s Day. The children were so thoughtful this year, and Daddy is the newest member of Smoking Goose’s Bacon of the Month Club. He also received some framed masterpieces from our Artist in Residence, Maggie. We started the birthday/father’s day weekend of fun with a babysitter … Continue reading

We’re in the Hardest Part {And A Giveaway}

I hate daylight savings time. With a fiery passion I usually only reserve for Twilight, olives, and the weeds in my backyard. Why, you ask? Well, if you are asking, you probably don’t have kids. All three of my kids have been infants during the summer, during DST. All three of them are for some … Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas {7QT}

This week’s quick takes are Father’s Day gift ideas that I think are pretty sweet, and that Atticus (and maybe one or two other dads out there) would love to receive. 7. Bring On the Bacon Bacon of the Month Club Yes, this is a real thing. An awesome, bacony-pig thing. Our local butcher/meat market/awesome … Continue reading

Twin Time: Six Months

SIx months ago today, Charlie and Mary Cate were born. This was not our first rodeo, since sweet Maggie G came crashing into our lives over three years ago. But twins. Man, twins a whole other ball game, bag of apples, insert cliche here. Twins is so hard its literally absurd. Twins is so amazing … Continue reading

Cultivating Gratitude: Five Favorites

I love this Five Favorites series so very much. Hallie is a genius (and a wonderful lady!). Once upon a time, many moons ago, I participated in a Living Your Strengths program through my parish. If you’ve never taken the strengths finder and read the book, I highly recommend. So my top strength is context, … Continue reading

It’s About Them: In Memoriam

It’s About Them: In Memoriam

I’m back in the saddle at Ignitum Today this week, posting some reflections on Memorial Day and my family. He hated tattoos. My paternal grandfather, the other Charles Joseph. He died when I was 11, but I remember a conversation, one of many had during summer visits to their home, when he told me of … Continue reading